Juju Brows

Clients with very few natural hairs or gaps:A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�

As we combine machine with manual technique, it allows us allow us to create shadows that improve the volume of the brows for clients who have very few natural hairs or gaps in the brows


Clients with existing old tattoo:

We are extensively trained in colour correction, and using machine, we can also insert pigment into the skin to correct old or faded tattoos, that may have faded or changed colour over time. Hairstrokes then ensure a natural looking brow


Client with fuller brows:

We have been working with brows and facial aesthetics for over 15 years, and are experts in creating a shape that will compliment you.A� Using cosmetic tattoo machine, we can create sleek ombre brows, with little maintenance.




Initial Procedure (3 hours)

There are many factors we consider prior to pre-drawing your brows, such as position and shape of your frontal bone (forehead) and orbital cavity, pre existing brows, skin tone, hair colouring, age and your own preference. We will pre-draw your new brows, using pencil, to ensure you are completely happy prior to the procedure.

Healing after the initial treatment

As the skin heals, up to 20% of the hairstrokes can disappear, and these will be corrected at your 1 month top up.

Colour can appear darker than desired for the first week. It will have lost up to 50% of its intensity by day 10. If you think the colour is too dark during the first week, do not try remove it yourself. Patiently wait the 7 days fort the colour to fade on its own after the healing of the skin.

Ita��s important to follow the aftercare advice we give you to ensure the success of the treatment

1 month Top-up (1 hour)

A 1 month top-up is required 4 to 6 weeks after the initial procedure. Regular 12-18 month colour boost is recommended to keep the look fresh and realistic.


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