Studio LR Tanning

At Studio LR we have a dedicated ventilated, heat regulated tanning room. We can provide you with disposable underwear, or if you prefer and old dark pair of your own will be fine. We can also supply a disposable hair net for you to wear and if you have long hair make sure to bring a hair band to tie you hair back. Studio LR can offer you different spray tan solutions to suit your individual skin types, when booking your appointment we will be happy to discuss your skin type and recommend a tanning solution. We can even offer you the use of our VIP back-door exit to the car park after your spray tan application for your comfort and modesty.

Preparing your skin for spray Tan

Correctly preparing your skin before spray tanning will help to achieve longer lasting results from your tanning application, while keeping a glowing, flawless result. Ex foliating your skin 24 hours before your tanning application removes dead skin cells which will help the life time of your tan. Waxing, shaving and ex foliating must be carried out at least 24 hours prior to application. You can moisturise your knees, elbows an any other rough or dry areas of the skin the day before. Do NOT use moisturisers, deodorant or perfumes the day of your spray tan applications.

Once your tanning application is complete we recommend that you wear loose, dark, comfortable old clothing such as a tracksuit bottom and flip flops.

After-care for your spray Tan

Avoid wearing tight clothing and underwear including bra and socks. Wait at least 8 hours before showering unless your have been advised by the Studio LR consultant to do differently( We do offer express Tans that do not require 8 hours to develop). Do not touch your skin and avoid physical contact, avoid sweating at the gym, avoid washing up!

Maintaining your spray Tan

Moisturise your skin regularly, try to take showers rather than long baths and remember to pat your skin dry rather than rubbing the skin. Avoid swimming in pools a the chlorine will strip the colour from your skin. Also avoid waxing or shaving for a least 2-3 days after your tan applications.